DDA Repository is an online repository of scripts, definitions, reference material, logic diagrams, primers, tutorials, images and videos that is part of an ongoing research project run by Prof Bharat Dave and myself at the University of Melbourne. In the creators experience of teaching scripting and parametric tools (grasshopper) to architecture students it is difficult for students to pick up and extend upon either the work of previous students or examples/code they have found elsewhere. Consequently the work they produce (and this may extend broadly to a large proportion of parametric models) struggles to resolve complex design or programming problems and consistently falls back on the familiarity of conceptually simple models.

We have been developing DDA Repository over the past year and although it is still in design stage and pretty buggy, we would love to invite teachers and students of digital design to come forward and explore two aspects of the project. We have developed a simple tool to allow students to create logic diagrams of their designs and scripting process, which are then converted to metadata within the main, online grid of content. The website becomes an interlinked network of imagery and tags in an attempt to associate design outcomes with scripts, tutorials and pseudocode. In this way students can explore not only a script that may have facilitated a built outcome, but also similar tutorials, reference projects and concepts.

A couple of studios and workshops have also created subpages in order to share content with a specific focus. If anyone thinks they may be interested in using the site for a workshop or class (or almost anything for that matter), please let us know.

~ by ledatomica on February 7, 2012.

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