Vertex Paint -> Grasshopper Extrude

Wrote a quick little vb script for extruding mesh faces based on vertex colours. Turns out playing with dirty mesh topologies isn’t very easy in rhino as its favourite pastime is returning invalid mesh errors. I am trying out workflows similar to some nifty videos demonstrated on We Work For Her whereby mesh properties or UV map values are translated to xyz space. You can paint vertex colours in Maya and so it can be a very fast method for creating differentiated panelling or textures on complex geometries. Script as vb component is here

Extrude Based on Vertex Colour

~ by ledatomica on October 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Vertex Paint -> Grasshopper Extrude”

  1. can u upload it once more ,

  2. hi
    can you upload it?please)

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