20,000 Agents on Meshes

PAS - Trails on Mesh from gwyll jahn on Vimeo.

Ive been working on a system for constraining agent populations to mesh geometries in order to produce undistorted projections onto inflatable structures. The inflatable is modelled in Maya and imported into processing as a WETriangleMesh (toxiclibs mesh class) in order to make full use of the winged edge/connectivity information of the mesh faces. The mesh is projected to 2d to facilitate very fast edge intersection detection, and agents are rendered in 3d by projecting them back onto the 3d geometry. By storing the associations between agents and their current face on the mesh as a java map, looping through the population of agents or mesh faces can be considerably reduced. This allows for very large populations of agents (around 8000 in 12fps, up to about 30,000 at slower frame rates) and meshes of virtually limitless complexity.

~ by ledatomica on September 20, 2011.

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