Last weekend was the opening of the Powerhouse Museums international LoveLace exhibition in Sydney. I was fortunate enough to have my work nominated by a tutor (Tim Schork from Mesne) last year, and it picked up the Student Prize.  Tim also won the digital category with his own collaborative effort with Supermanoeuvre. My own work was an extension of research posted elsewhere on this blog – using implicit surfacing techniques to materialise complex growth systems. The final piece was much smaller than intended due to time constraints. We had originally planned to take full advantage of Shapeways largest bed size for SLS Nylon printing, a whopping 700mm x 380mm x 580mm.

~ by ledatomica on August 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “LoveLace”

  1. good job , gwyl.
    looks awesome!

  2. well done mate 😉

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