Unroll, Cells, Mesh Polylines, Reparametrise components

Ive decided to upload a few scripts/user components that extend grasshoppers basic functionality and that I have been using frequently for a few projects. The first is a headnod to Andrew Heumann’s Unfolding definition, but greatly simplified by using two script components to sort brep faces and organise the datatrees for the compound transforms. Having a ‘parametric’ unroll capacity is useful for converting from 3d to 2d space, and allows the image sampler to map (effectively) to 3d geometry. The second user object is an attempt to mimic Geometry Gym’s Cells From Network component by using delaunay meshes, I am yet to figure out how to ‘traverse’ the network to create cells. Essentially the user object creates a delaunay mesh from curve intersection and end points, then loops through the mesh edges and removes any that are not coincident with the original curves. It maintains tree structures so that cells with a removed edge are on the same branch, allowing them to be joined together into a closed cell. I am sure this is a very inefficient way of doing this but it ‘works’ ok. The final two components cluster up some simple meshing of polylines and reparametrisation of data.


EDIT – The unroll brep definition now works with multiple breps at once.

Unroll Multi Brep
Create Cells
Mesh Polylines

~ by ledatomica on June 24, 2011.

4 Responses to “Unroll, Cells, Mesh Polylines, Reparametrise components”

  1. Fantastic work! I am thrilled to see your improvements on the unrolling stuff… your scripts in the cluster are great, very elegant.

    Thanks for posting!

    • P.S. I don’t know if she ever mentioned it but you and I have a friend in common – one miss Loren Adams, she and I worked right next to each other last summer in Los Angeles

    • Thanks very much Andrew, yes Loren did mention it actually after seeing a link to your blog on my blog. Small world! How is URBANA?

  2. hi there…
    i just found your multiple brep unfolding script… tried it on my foldables but somehow it doesn´t align all selected breps with the xy-plane… i´m not sure if i understood the reference curve input correctly… how many do i need to get correct results?
    best regards

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