Organic Space Frame

This is an extrapolation of work done in the previous post on parametric joinery. By applying similar sorting logic to struts between joints a single mesh can be wrapped over any network of lines. This has advantages over other methods for surfacing line work (such as isosurfacing or mesh face offsetting) in the sense that as the system is built from the ground up there are minimal ‘dirty’ overlaps with mesh faces (as is often the case with shelling meshes in max), as well as a high degree of control over the scale of the mesh (as opposed to the very limited control over an isosurface).

I am hoping to test out some parametric goodies on this system over the next few days, whereby strut thickness/joint dimensions become responsive to external controls. At this stage I won’t be putting the definition online but contact me if you are working on a similar project and I will try to help.

~ by ledatomica on August 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “Organic Space Frame”

  1. Hi! I’m an architecture student from vienna. In this semester we are planning a pavillon. For this case your definition would be really helpful for us. It would be great if you could send me your definition!

    Best regards, Martin

  2. hi – i am working on my thesis project right now, which deals among other things with the deformation of regular systems! i am in particular interested in space frames and would be very thankful if you could share your definition and give some explanation. thanks a lot in advance.

  3. Hey, I am an architecture student and I am working with strandsagents that bundle together and recursion in processing. I found your technique and thought it might be useful and cleaner to use with the tighter recursion, as I am trying to integrate form, structure and details. I was wondering if you would share your definition with me. Thank you.

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