X_Tremes Studio Update


Thong and Neo


Ive ironed out the small bug in the remove duplicates script, so the metaballs definition will now finally be available for everyone and is running much much faster without the curve booleans. Because it is now quite quick and easy to use, I would suggest everyone has a play with it. In particular I would like to see some of the projects which are using more rigid framing systems apply metaballs to these frames and see what emerges. You may end up with a habitable structure.

Metaballs Definition

UPDATE: I have now got the jellyfish distortion definition online which will let you recreate curves from your distorted points. I am looking forward to seeing what you guys can come up with by combing these two.

Hexagrid Distortion Definition

UPDATE: A few modifications have been made to a particle simulator to produce curves from the particles, and give them a lifespan in order to avoid processor meltdown. Ill keep working on this to get the particles to flow through multiple attractors, and have a gradient falloff for the influence. This might produce some nice curves without anyone having to sell their soul to Maya or realflow.

Particle Simulator

~ by ledatomica on April 22, 2010.

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