X_Tremes Workshop 2

I have compiled some links and examples which address the questions of how to use grasshopper for iterative design, form evolution and advanced modelling techniques as opposed to prosaic panelling or data manipulation. These are mostly from the grasshopper 3d discussion board so again, I would encourage you to ask questions directly.

Meisner fields
Minimised Voronoi Path Networks
Structural Drawing (specifically in the meshing, then smoothing this is useful – it makes this)
3d Voronoi
Abstract Trusses (email me if your interested in this one until I get the definition online)

UPDATE: Ive received some interest in generative art references. This is exciting if you can port the processing scripts in to grasshopper and then use grasshopper to produce architectural iterations and remove the designs from the art world. The images are very compelling:


For tuesday: We will do brief presentations of everyones grasshopper work, followed by an animation and live sectioning workshop. Please have your models ready for animation and sectioning.

~ by ledatomica on April 19, 2010.

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  1. wow!

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