X_Tremes Grasshopper Workshops

This weeks exercise will be to browse the grasshopper3d discussion forum and reproduce someone else’s problem or example to produce a beautiful accident. You may want to choose a problem/definition closely applicable to your design, you may want to try something completely different. You will then need to interpret this accident in the context of your studio. Further brownie points for joining the forum and asking someone else the answer to your problems.

for saturday: 1. complete the exercise. 2. collect a single architectural reference image for your project. 3. consider incorporating growth and scale shifts into your design.

Definitions from this weeks workshop are below. You will need to understand how to reference rhino objects in to grasshopper, and how to use the basic elements of the grasshopper interface. Try to apply them to your existing geometry. Explanations for how to do this are in the tutorials on the blog and also to be found in the links.

Algorithmic Curve Generation definition.

Blending Curves definition.

Orient Object definition. This one I wrote so that it distorts your object into a twisted box based on an image sampler. This will create some ‘variable continuity’ across your surface.

Branching Scripts will come later (sorry). See you saturday.

~ by ledatomica on April 14, 2010.

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