(faked) fluid simulation

Grasshoppers functionality can be extended to iterative processes through VB.net and C# scripting components. In this case, repeatedly moving a point downwards and then pulling it back to a surface produces an interesting fluid effect.

Carrying on from the last tutorial, take a surface from rhino or grasshopper and add a divide component. This will generate a grid of points to dribble down the surface. You can add number sliders to the U and V inputs of the divide component to change the density of the grid. A default 10×10 grid is good as an example.

These points are then grafted to generate one flow line per point. The graft component utilises grasshoppers tree structures, which are explained in detail on the grasshopper3d discussion board.  Each point is then iteratively processed in a VB script, and fed back in to grasshopper to draw the curves.

UPDATE: Definition now available for download here: Flow On Surface

~ by ledatomica on March 13, 2010.

5 Responses to “(faked) fluid simulation”

  1. Hello,

    i would be interested to have a look on the definition you have here, so as long as your offer to share this file is still standing 🙂 please let me know.


    • Wow, I would also like to see this file. I basically wrote the same thing this weekend. it works for 1 point but according to David(If I understand him correctly I am having problem with multiple points because) grasshopper won’t allow you to output from your vb script a multidimensional array. Anyway looking forward to seeing how you solved this.

  2. Thanks. It turns out that the script I wrote for 1 point worked for multiple points – I didn’t realize that if you fed a list into a VB component the component would be called once for each element of the list. I thought it would just read in the whole thing at once. I just glanced at your solution and it seemed we went about it in different ways. If you want I will email you my script I think its always interesting to see different solutions to the same problem. Thanks again – Jon

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